Dennis Quaid and Celebrity Breakdowns – The Rockwolf Files

To ensure my meaning is clear, I wrote and shot this episode on the 15th of April, 2015. I edited it much later, as Dennis Quaid and Funny or Die came clean and told the other half of the joke before I could complete it. Even though my mostly accurate predictions lost a lot of punch by being presented after the fact,  I decided to finish the episode anyway, with an addendum. Enjoy, Internet Detectives.

About Texrockwolf

Tex Rockwolf is an Internet Detective, formerly with O.R.E. (Office of Radical Everymen), who by day solves pop-culture cases, and by night fights for Liberty and Justice on the blood-soaked inky-black streets of the town that you live in.


  1. KiraKennedy

    Great Job as always, Tex. I actually find it kind of funny how much of that Funny Or Die Vid was actually going to happen XD

  2. Dirtbag

    Interesting stuff. But I do love the reaction on finding out it was all a skit.

  3. Texrockwolf

    Glad this one hit the spot for you guys!

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