Soup Disaster: A Bold and Exciting New Direction!

We’ve decided that, since the first Soup Review we did (seen above), our actual goal for Peanut Butter Disaster Productions was to use it as a back door to start doing reviews about our real passion: Soup.  As such, we’re doing a site overhaul that will be EXCLUSIVELY SOUP REVIEW VIDEOS FROM NOW ON.
This move only makes sense for us. The internet is already lousy with movie reviewers, frankly, and there just isn’t room to grow. On the other hand, the soup reviewing game is still like the wild west: wide open, full of opportunity, and just waiting for a posse of devil-may-care, hard-nosed, gun-slinging motherfuckers like us to come in and light that shit up like the wicker man.
Many of your favorite reviewers have taken the jump into the 22nd century with us!
Hopefully you’re on-board for this exciting new direction, and welcome to the new Soup Disaster!
– Jake and Trev of Soup Disaster Productions (formerly Peanut Butter Disaster Productions)

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