In the spirit of offering more great content, more often, we at Peanut Butter Disaster are on the search again for more producers and writers to fill the ranks. 

What is Peanut Butter Disaster? 
We’re a video production group based out of Michigan. We produce Jake and Trev Review Everything (and it’s spinoffs) and Blackshirt Beer Review in house. We also have a partnership with other talented video producers, including The Minority Report Reviews, The Movie Doctor, Hipster Ninja Reviews, Metal Breakdown, and The AbsentCommentator.

We are building a community of up-and-coming producers and writers who are hungry to build an audience together with other producers and writers. We encourage team work, cameos, and collaboration with our producers and writers, and want more to do the same.

What are we looking for? 
We want you. Maybe. Do you create video reviews? Do you write engaging articles, blogs, and/or columns? Do you do so regularly? Are they of a consistant quality? Do you have your own voice/schtick/and/or gimmick? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s you. We’re looking for you.

You: Well Dag! How do I sign up?

Us: Email your response to the questions below at
We will review and respond to your application in a timely manner and we can go from there.

Note: we are also looking for people skilled in web page management, graphic design, and most importantly, social media. If you are interested in doing any of these things, please fill out the questions below to the best of your ability where applicable.

1. Your name, and/or a nickname/what you prefer to go by.

2. A brief description of your series or column, including name, primary subjects of review, how long you’ve been making the series, regularity of video releases/written pieces (per series if applicable), and average amount of views/reads per video/article (optional, but helpful).

3. Your primary site(s) of video uploads, and which series are where, if you have multiple series.

4. Your secondary sites, or host sites. Please include all other conglomerated sites (sites which have separate content creators), personal websites, and forums frequented (if applicable).

5. Associated content creators (shows you do crossovers with, and how frequently you do crossovers with them).

IMPORTANT! Read before answering #6:
PLEASE consider this before applying; we know how hard it is to get your videos out there, and that’s why we’re doing what we’re doing, creating a community and whatnot.
Please take a look at the site and creators before applying; as we are a community site, we prefer to have people on that we can work closely with, have an idea what their next videos/writings are, and work with together for crossovers, promotions, and otherwise. Note that we would like you to make us aware of when your videos/writings are up so that we can put the link as a post on the site (and after a short time, give you permissions to do so yourself), and that once the video/article is posted on, we would want you to link, share, etc. with the link of the post from the site FIRST, before any other agregate sites or direct links to your hosting sites. This is not just another place to post your videos/articles, this is a website where you can belong, hang your hat, and pal around with other producers/writers! We are looking for people who would be willing to call PeanutButterDisaster their home website!

6. Reasons for wanting your show(s) to be on

7. What do you feel you could add to the site? Are you tough enough? BIG AND BAD ENOUGH!?

8. Any questions you have for us. Feel free to ask them!


Thank you and Godspeed!

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    Is there a deadline for the submission?

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