Metal Breakdown – Type-O-Negative band review

Bringing in the new year with a little help from the drab four.

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Host of MetalBreakdown, Public enemy number 616, super criminal, all round evil bastard. Also likes Heavy Metal.


  1. Reinaas

    Top notch sir. I loves me some Type O. Odd side note. My son was born 10 days after Peter’s death. When he was born he had eyes so blue they where (no joke) almost black. Part of me has always wanted to believe that this signified that my son is the reincarnation of Peter Steele. Hope you keep doing the full band reviews. If you do I’d love to see what you think of Dog Fashion Disco. Cheers!

  2. Michael Keene

    Damn it, Dirtbag, stop making me check out new metal albums! I only have so much time in the day, dude.

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