I Wanna Be Your Sledge Hammer! – Ep. 4 – Jake Salvage Weekly

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  1. KiraKennedy

    I think the Rarity of a YuGiOh Card depends on the shininess & WHERE the shininess is on the card (EG, the “regular” rare cards have shiny text, “super rare” cards have a shiny picture, then there are “Ultra Rare” and “Secret Rare” cards where both the picture & text are shiny (Secret Rare cards have shiny silver silver text, while Ultra rare do not), and then there are a bunch of promo rarities like “Mosaic Rare” (a shiny mosaic pattern across the card), “Starfoil Rare” (kinda like a sci-fi shiny pattern accross them), “Gold Ultra Rare” (shiny gold borders))

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