X-Wing Mission I: The Wayward Pilot – Faceless Plays

Four months have passed since Faceless and RJ have arrived in the X-Wing Game universe. With 8 more months till the portal back to our world opens, the boys have decided to aid the Rebel Alliance in there fight against the Galactic Empire. However, something goes wrong during a training session sending RJ into harms way.

The first of three short films picking up where Season 2 finale of Faceless Reviews (Independence Day Resurgence Review) left off. This is a fan film based on the Star Wars universe, well the Star Wars X-Wing Game universe. It is not meant to be in continuity to the Films nor the EU version. It was produced for the love of Star Wars and the love of the X-Wing PC Games. So after months of production I finally present to you all my first real short film. Enjoy 🙂

About Faceless

The Critic Without A Face..... Ok I have a face, I just choose not show it -.- Aside from the ridiculous mask I wear, I am serious (in my point of view) of the reviews I will post. All comments are welcome (don't be cruel) and any suggestion to make this channel better are more than welcome. Until then, ENJOY!

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