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HERE IT IS!!! The Season Finale of Faceless Reviews.  I know it is bit late for this movie review but for those of you who haven’t seen this film (WHY?!?!), here are my thoughts on this fourth outing to this wonderful theme park.  Also, RJ has a surprise for Faceless that may make both their summer break a bit more interesting.  And stay after the credits for one more surprise RJ neglected to mention.

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The Critic Without A Face..... Ok I have a face, I just choose not show it -.- Aside from the ridiculous mask I wear, I am serious (in my point of view) of the reviews I will post. All comments are welcome (don't be cruel) and any suggestion to make this channel better are more than welcome. Until then, ENJOY!

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  1. I watched this movie last night.
    OMG … Glad I just simply watched it on my DroidTV instead of throwing my money at a ticket.
    One could argue about how crappy the quality looks due to it being a cam but let’s not go there …
    Essentially a movie should be about the story being told and not about how awesome sauce CGI looks!

    Going through the gate felt really nostalgic. But then … It just started going downhill for me.

    – A human that has a social bond with raptors? Considered the alpha due to being with them from birth?
    I don’t even …

    – Bio engineering dino’s even more with all sorts of animal/dino features/traits? What for?
    Oh, bigger and more thrilling attraction? Oh yes right the actual reason … For military purposes cause Ingen doesn’t consider extincted animals to be profitable anymore.
    The fact Ingen evacuated with material from the lab just hints at a sequal right there. Jurassic War anyone? Hmm? God forbid that kind of script will ever see the daylight.

    – The two brothers:

    Zache is as cold as ice and has more interests in pussy than anything else at first.
    Then his behaviour shifts and starts becoming interested in adventures. Uh … What happened there?
    Did he found a corner to shake hands with the monster? God knows. Have to wait for the director’s cut to find out, I guess.

    Gray makes up for his older sibling’s cold behaviour due to his excitement for dino’s.
    But then again … Out of nowhere, he sporadically starts crying, as if he has bipolar mania, about a divorce?
    His excitement to see dino’s was more lively than his fear for the dino’s. His acting did not convince me when it came down to expressing fear.

    – Masrani cannot live up to John’s optimism. Not even in 65 milion years …

    – Wu? His character turned out to be more dark than it was in the first movie. I’m surprised he didn’t die together with Hoskins.
    If anything I expected him to work together with those who were trying to survive. His response to people dying? ‘That’s unfortunate …’. LOL …
    More than likely he’ll be the main antagonist in the sequal …
    R.I.P WU JPI … You will be missed.

    – Lowery felt like he was replicating Dennis from the first movie (Messy desk, challenging his boss, … etc). Only this time acting for the greater good. Unlike good ol’ Wu …

    – Owen … A mix of Malcom and Grant. Felt warm and fuzzy at first but then it just got annoying.
    Director’s were trying to hard to put 2 characters in 1 … It’s just not possible to have the best of both worlds.

    – Scenes recycled from the very first movie in a modern coat. It made the movie SO predictable. Not even lying …
    Seriously? Did someone run out of motivation to cook up an actual script?
    Was this script written by someone who was a fan of the first movie?
    Or was this simply part of a script that was supposed to be a remake of the first movie?
    I really would like to know what the hell people were thinking when they reviewed the script …

    I realize that I wrote more negativity than anything positive about this movie but it’s just the way I feel about it.
    Perhaps a script where the park was in the process of being rebuilt, reviewed and things gone wrong would have been better.
    I mean the director replicated just so much from the first movie? So why not more of the same? Anyway … I don’t know, I’m not an amazing scriptwriter myself.
    4/10 purely for reminded how JPI was a good movie for it’s time. /rant.

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