Bolo Yeung Valentines Cards – Feb-Bolo-Yeung-Uary – Peanut Butter Disaster

In honor of Feb-Bolo-Yeung-Uary, we’ve made some Bolo Yeung Valentines Cards that you can share with your Valentine! Simply print them out, drum-punch them into an envelope, then high-kick them into your love’s face!

1. Did you know that Bolo Yeung met Bruce Lee while filming a Winston Cigarettes commercial? Light up your Valentine’s day by giving them this smokin’ hot card! – By Jake Salvage


2. You can pick your friends, your nose, AND your Valentines! – By Michael Keene

3. Did you know “Kumite” literally means “Grappling Hands”? Give this card to the one you love and they’re sure to get “Handsy” with you! (WARNING: Handsiness not guaranteed.) – By Jake Salvage


4. Giving this card to someone is like saying “Come give me a hug and end up getting headlocked!” Go shawty, it’s Valentines Day! – By Jake Salvage


5. Bolo Yeung’s pecs are like two big beautiful black holes… get too close, and you’re sure to get sucked in! – By Jake Salvage



Check out Jake Salvage’s review of the Bolo Yeung classic BloodFight here:


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