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    Jake Salvage
    Jake Salvage

    UPDATE: I put a hyperlink next to the ones that have been reviewed on either Jake and Trev Review Everything or VHXS!

    So, within the next week, I will be doing my best to catalog my collection of VHS tapes!
    This will help me, mostly to help you, my audience, take a look and see what you would be interested in seeing on VHXS!
    Now, I’ll be posting the catalog in full, but there are a fair amount of mainstream movies I’d rather not do, so I will have some sort of marking on them so everyone knows they’re off limits. Feel free to try to convince me, of course; I will always consider a good argument for a review, but I’d like to stick to films I haven’t seen or maybe have but not for a long time.

    Lastly, if you have any VHS tapes of movies you’d like me to see, email me at and we’ll figure out a way you can send them! This isn’t a guarantee that I’ll review it, but I’ll definitely try to watch it and tell you what I think at the very least.

    Jake Salvage



    4 Dogs Playing Poker

    48 Hrs

    Action Jackson

    Air Force One

    American Ninja 2

    American Samurai

    Another Pair of Aces

    Apocalypse Now

    The Ark of the Sun God

    Armed for Action

    Armed Response

    Attack Force Z


    Bad Boys

    The Beach

    Belly of the Beast

    Best of the Best

    Best of the Best 2

    A Better Tomorrow

    Beverly Hills Cop

    Beverly Hills Cop 2

    Beverly Hills Cop 3

    Beyond Justice

    Beyond the Law (x2)

    The Big Red One

    Black Robe

    Blood Simple

    Blown Away


    Blow Out

    Blue City

    Blue Streak

    Breaker! Breaker!

    Broken Arrow

    Busted Up


    Chain Reaction

    Chinese Connection 2

    City of Fear


    Code of Silence

    Collateral Damage


    The Contender


    The Cowboy Way

    The Crossing Guard

    Dance with the Devil

    The Day of the Jackal


    Dead End City

    The Delta Force

    Delta Force 2

    Desert Heat


    Desperate Hours

    Die Hard

    Die Hard 2

    Die Hard with a Vengeance

    The Doom Generation

    Double Team

    Easy Rider

    The Edge

    Enter the Dragon

    Executive Decision

    Exit Wounds

    Expect No Mercy

    Extreme Prejudice

    Eye for an Eye

    Fail Safe

    Falling Down

    Family Business

    Fear – Frank Stallone

    Fire Down Below


    First Blood (x2)

    The Flight of the Phoenix – 1965

    Force 10 from Navarone

    Forest Warrior


    The Fugitive

    The Glimmer Man

    Good Guys Wear Black


    Half Past Dead

    Hamburger Hill

    Hands of Steel

    Hanover Street

    Hard to Hold

    Hard to Kill

    The Hard Way

    Harlem Nights

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

    Heated Vengeance

    Hell Hunters

    Hero and the Terror

    The Hitman

    Hot Pursuit

    House of Cards – BBC 1990g

    Hurricane Smith

    I Love Trouble

    In Eagle Shadow Fist

    Jimmy Hollywood

    Judgment Night



    Karate Cop

    The Karate Kid 2

    Kickboxer 2

    Kill Line

    Kill Slade

    Killer Edge

    The King of the Kickboxers

    Knock Off


    L.A. Confidential

    Lady Bear

    The Lady Vanishes

    The Last Boy Scout

    Legend of the Drunken Tiger


    Lethal Weapon

    Lethal Weapon 2

    Lethal Weapon 3

    Lethal Weapon 4

    Lone Wolf McQuade

    Major Rock


    Missing in Action


    Mr. Billion


    Mystery Date

    Navy Seals

    The Net

    Night of the Fox

    Night Master

    No Retreat No Surrender

    No Retreat No Surrender 3

    Nowhere to Run

    On the Line

    One Man Force

    Golden Phoenix

    Passenger 57

    The Penitent

    The Perfect Weapon


    Point Break (x2)

    The Prodigal

    The Professional

    Project Kill

    Purple Rain

    Rainbow Drive

    Rage and Honor

    Raw Deal

    Raw Target

    Remo Williams

    Red Dawn

    Red Heat

    Reservoir Dogs

    The Right Stuff

    Rising Sun

    Road House


    Rush Hour

    Rush Hour 2

    The Shawshank Redemption

    Shoot to Kill

    Shootfighter 2

    Showdown in Little Tokyo




    Snake Eyes



    Speed 2: Cruise Control


    Stalking Danger

    Stealing Time

    Strike Force

    Striking Distance

    Sudden Death

    Sudden Impact

    Surviving the Game

    Talk Radio


    Talons of the Eagle

    Tang & Cash

    Tequila Sunrise

    Terminal Rush

    Texas Guns


    Top Gun

    Training Day

    True Lies

    Truth or Consequences

    Twin Dragons

    Two for the Money

    U.S. Marshals

    Under Siege

    Under Siege 2

    Unlawful Entry

    The Whistle Blower

    Who Am I?

    Young Guns 2



    Alien (x2)

    Aliens (x2)

    Alien 3

    Alien Predators

    Alone in the Dark



    The Beast Must Die

    The Blob – 1958

    The Blob – 1988

    Body Parts

    Body Snatchers – 1993

    Brain Dead


    Cat’s Eye

    The Changeling

    Child’s Play


    Dangerous Game


    Dream Demon

    Dawn of the Dead

    Earth Vs the Flying Saucers

    End of Days

    The Evil Dead (x2)

    Evil Dead 2

    Fear Runs Silent

    The Fearless Vampire Killers


    From Beyond

    The Ghost of Frankenstein

    Halloween (x2) – 1978

    Halloween H2O

    The Hand that Rocks the Cradle

    The Haunting


    House 2

    I Was a Teenage Werewolf

    Interview with a Vampire

    J.D.’s Revenge

    The Jitters

    Killer Bats

    The Killer Shrews

    Lake Placid

    The Langoliers

    Lily C.A.T.

    The Legend of Hell House

    The Little Shop of Horrors – 1960

    Little Shop of Horrors – 1986

    The Lost Boys


    Maximum Overdrive

    The Mothman Prophecies

    The Mummy’s Tomb

    My Boyfriend’s Back

    Night of the Living Dead

    A Nightmare on Elm St 4


    Psychic Killer

    Psycho 2 (x2)


    Puppet Master


    The Rites of Dracula

    Salem’s Lot

    Scream 2



    Scanners 2

    The Sentinel

    The Seventh Sign

    Shock Waves

    Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2

    Species 2

    Strangers on a Train

    The Terror

    The Thing from Another World (AKA The Thing 1951)

    The Unholy

    Urban Legend


    Wheels of Terror

    The X Files



    3 Ninjas

    Adventures in Dinosaur City

    Aladdin – 1986

    Animal Farm – Cartoon

    Animal Farm – Live-Action

    Are You Afraid of the Dark? – Ghostly Tales

    Batman the Animated Series – Tales of the Dark Knight

    Bone Chillers – Frankenturkey

    Bone Chillers – Back to School

    The Brave Little Toaster

    Bravestar – The Taking of Thistledown

    Bucky O’Hare

    The Butter Cream Gang

    The Butter Cream Gang – Secret of Treasure Mountain

    Captain N and the Game Masters – Gameboy

    Dragonball Z – Junior Division – World Tournament

    Dragonball Z – Androids – Assassins

    Dragonball Z – Androids – Dr. Jero

    Dragonball Z – Androids – Invasion

    Ducktales – Duck to the Future

    Filmation’s Ghostbusters – The Revenge of Prime Evil

    Harriet the Spy


    Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas

    The Land Before Time

    The Last Unicorn

    Little Heroes

    Little Nemo

    The New Adventures of He-Man – The Ultimate Challenge

    Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

    My Dog, the Thief

    Mystery Monsters!


    The Real Ghostbusters – Collector’s Edition


    The Secret of Nimh

    The Skateboard Kid 2

    Skysurfer Strike Force – Voodoo Master

    Sherlock Holmes and the Valley of Fear

    Super Mario Bros Super Show – Two Plumbers and a Baby

    Superhuman Samurai Super Squad – A ‘Skorn’ in their Side

    Superman – Old Cartoon

    Talespin – Fearless Flyers

    The Trial of Old Drum

    The Undercover Kid

    VR Troopers – Lost Memories

    The Wizard



    The 10th Kingdom

    2001: A Space Odyssey

    The 6th Day

    The Abyss (x2)

    Alien Nation


    The Animatrix


    Back to the Future

    Batman the Movie


    Batman Returns (x2)

    *Batteries Not Included

    Battlestar Gallactica – Fire in Space

    Blade Runner

    Blade Runner – The Director’s Cut (x2)

    Bulletproof Monk

    Cloak & Dagger

    Closet Land


    Conan the Barbarian (x2)


    The Crow


    The Dark Crystal

    Demolition Man

    Destroy All Monsters!

    Dick Tracy

    Doctor Who – The Stones of Blood

    Double Dragon

    Dragon Heart



    Frank Herbert’s Dune

    Dune Warrior

    Edward Scissorhands

    Escape from L.A.



    The Fifth Element

    First Knight

    Future Hunter

    Future Sport

    Ghost in the Shell


    Godzilla 1985

    Godzilla & Mechagodzilla 2

    Godzilla (1998)

    The Golden Child


    Highlander (x2)

    Highlander Director’s Cut

    Highlander 2 Renegade Cut

    Highlander 2 The Quickening (x2)

    Highlander the Final Dimension

    Highlander Endgame

    Highlander the Series Tape 3

    Highlander the Series Bloopers

    Highlander the Series Counterfeit

    Highlander the Series Finale


    Johnny Mnemonic

    Judge Dredd

    Jurassic Park

    The Lost World Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park 3

    King Kong vs Godzilla



    Last Action Hero (x2)

    Last Days of Man on Earth

    The Last Starfighter

    The Lawnmower Man

    Mad Max

    Mars Attacks!

    The Matrix

    The Mind’s Eye

    Beyond the Mind’s Eye

    The Gate to the Mind’s Eye

    Mortal Kombat

    The Mummy

    The Musketeer


    Planet of Dinosaurs

    Predator (x2)

    The Princess Bride

    Repo Man

    The Road Warrior

    Robocop 3

    The Rocketeer

    Run Lola Run

    Santa Clause Conquers the Martians

    Short Circuit



    Somewhere in Time


    Star Trek IV The Voyage Home

    Star Wars (Pretty much all VHS releases for eps 4 5 and 6 including CBS Fox)



    Starship Troopers

    Strange Days

    Street Fighter

    Super Mario Bros.

    Superman 3

    Superman 4 (x2)

    The Swordsman


    TMNT 2

    TMNT 3

    The Terminator

    Terminator 2 Judgment Day

    Time Bandits (x2)

    The Time Guardian


    Total Recall

    The Trigger Effect

    Universal Soldier the Return




    Wing Commander

    Wired to Kill





    Ace Ventura Pet Detective

    The Addams Family

    The Adventures of Ford Fairlane



    American Flatulators

    Animal Behavior

    Another Stakeout

    The Applegates

    Armed and Dangerous


    Best Defense

    Better Off Dead

    The Big Picture

    Big Shots

    Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

    Blast from the Past

    Blazing Saddles

    The Blues Brothers

    Blues Brothers 2000

    Boris and Natasha

    Brain Smasher a Love Story

    The Breakfast Club

    The ‘Burbs

    The Cable Guy

    Captain Ron


    Class Act

    Charlie Chan and the Curse of the Dragon Queen

    A Christmas Story

    Crocodile Dundee

    Crocodile Dundee 2

    Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles

    Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid

    Death Becomes Her

    Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

    Dirty Work

    Doc Hollywood

    Down Periscope

    Down the Drain

    Dream a Little Dream 2

    Driving Me Crazy


    Ed Wood

    Encino Man

    Erik the Viking

    Ernest in the Army

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    For Love or Money


    Funny Farm

    The Great Outdoors (x2)

    Groundhog Day

    Heart and Souls


    High Anxiety

    Home Alone 2

    Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

    Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

    Hot Shots

    Hot Shots Part Deux

    Howard the Duck

    The Jewel of the Nile

    Jingle all the Way

    Joe versus the Volcano

    Loose Cannons

    The Man with Two Brains



    Meet the Deedles

    The Money Pit

    Monty Python’s And Now for Something Completely Different

    Monty Python’s Flying Circus Volume Eleven

    Monty Python and The Holy Grail (x2)

    Monty Python’s Life of Brian (x2)

    Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

    Mr. Mom

    Mr. Nanny

    My Fellow Americans

    Mystery Men

    MST3K Eegah

    The Naked Gun

    The Naked Gun 2 ½

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (x3)

    National Lampoon’s European Vacation

    National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1

    Necessary Roughness

    Nothing in Common

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?

    The Odd Couple

    Office Space

    Once Bitten

    Only the Lonely



    The Pink Panther Strikes Again

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

    Pootie Tang

    Pretty in Pink

    Problem Child

    The Public Eye


    Pure Luck

    Ready to Rumble

    The Return of Spinal Tap

    The Return of the Pink Panther

    Revenge of the Pink Panther


    Robin Hood Men in Tights

    Rock N Roll High School Forever

    The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    Romancing the Stone

    Ruthless People


    Silent Movie

    Sixteen Candles (… x2)

    Slap Shot

    Son in Law



    Splitting Heirs


    Stay Tuned


    Strange Brew

    The Survivors

    Taking Care of Business

    Three Men and a Baby

    Three Fugitives

    Throw Momma from the Train

    To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar

    Too Much Sun

    Trapped in Paradise

    The Trouble with Harry

    Turner & Hooch


    Uncle Buck

    Weekend at Bernie’s

    Weekend at Bernie’s 2

    We’re No Angels

    What About Bob? (x2)

    White Men Can’t Jump

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit (x2)

    Who’s Harry Crumb?

    Who’s the Man?

    Why Me?


    Clamshell Cases/Sleeveless Tapes/Box Sets


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